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Also called CABG, is a kind of procedure which is used for treating coronary artery disease (CAD). This disease is caused because of the thinning of coronary arteries that means the blood vessels that help in the supply of blood and various other nutrients to your heart.

Accumulation of fat, also called plaque inside the walls of the arteries, leads to the thinning of the arteries. This fat hardens overtime and may lead to a rupture. When the plaque hardens it causes the arteries to become narrow, which obstructs the oxygen rich blood flow to the heart. As a result people experience severe chest pain, which is known as Angina.

Outburst of the plaque can lead to blood clot,and if the blood clot is large in size it can completely stop the flow of blood to the heart. This leads to a chest pain followed by a heart attack or may be death even.

Reason to practice CABG

As per the famous Cardiac Surgeons in Mumbai,

CAD has alternative treatments like changes in one’s lifestyle, a specific re-vascularization process, controlled diet, medicines and , which is called coronary angioplasty. But CABG is performed if severe blockages are found in the large coronary arteries that help in the major supply of blood to the muscles of the heart. If blood and nutrients do not reach the heart, it weakens and the pumping rate of the heart becomes slow and dull.

CABG surgery is also done when the angioplasty treatment has no or less effect on the arteries and the heart.

Angioplasty is a non-surgical treatment, which uses a stent to widen the arteries and restore the blood flow to the heart. A stent is a tiny metallic or plastic mesh tube that provides the necessary support to the walls of the coronary artery. When this procedure does not work CABG surgery is the other option.

CABG Treatment

In case you experience severe chest pain for a long period of time, it is recommended that you consult some doctor. Your doctor will recommend the next step after . If you are likely to have a heart attack or have already been the victim of one then may be your doctor recommend you to an experienced cardiothoracic surgeon.


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